#modestfashion for women and girls


Gera Design is a New York-based, family-owned business with deep roots in the Jewish tradition and a lifelong passion for modest clothes, where…

… tradition meets fashion

A modern woman can be both modest and fashionable. Her style is understated yet elegant and feminine. Her modesty represents her sense of community; her style is uniquely her. Her fashion transcends all the roles she plays and the responsibilities she takes on.

… modesty is guaranteed

She is too busy to play the guessing game, which is why all of our items are guaranteed to be modest.

What is modest? It is covered elbows and knees and high necklines; delicate folds instead of slits and openings; flowing, solid textiles. What is modern? You decide.

… and every item is limited edition

Each item is carefully designed in NYC by Olga Gera, the founder of Gera Design. She chooses every fabric herself, opting for natural Italian textiles of the highest quality. Each detail of every dress and coat is sewn by the hands of artisans in Eastern Europe. That is why our line is unrivaled.

We take Custom Orders for gowns, special occasions dreses for women and girls.

We love our school uniforms Project for girls and are happy to work with private schools to dress up little students.

Welcome to the new age of modest wear.